CSR Policies

A company is socially responsible when it values the impact of its actions on communities, on workers and on the environment, its interests are effectively incorporated into its processes and results.
Corporate social responsibility for the Ripard Group is the framework within which its objectives are developed and thus contribute to the development of environmental, social and educational values in our society.


Continuous evaluation and improvement of the construction process to efficiently use resources.


We think about the conservation and efficiency of the use of water and energy for the benefit of our clients.


We design and build take into consideration the surrounding community trying to create a positive impact in their development.


We implement corporate social responsibility plans and programs aimed at the inclusion and support of our employees.

Responsible Vision

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are key in our business because they improve transparency, stimulate innovation and allow us to gather our stakeholders during all stages of the construction life cycle.
Together with our partners in the supply chain, we want to be distinctive in the creation of valuable solutions for our customers and society.
Corporate Social Responsibility is about sharing skills and knowledge, disseminating messages of value that generate positive changes in our environment and promoting environmental awareness.
Our CSR responsibilities are expressed in terms of three general categories:


Grupo Ripard Foundation

Grupo Ripard Foundation is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to create awareness about green buildings, sponsor and implement reforestation programs, implement initiatives for the care of the environment.

It is also very important for the foundation to support initiatives that promote art and sport in childhood and youth, as well as educational initiatives that benefit it.

In support of the conservation of the environment, we have focused on promoting recycling campaigns to our collaborators, clients and school community, with the aim of serving the community to conserve and protect the planet’s resources.

  • Campaings

“Eco Life, We are part of the Planet»”

  • Recycle Paper
  • Energy Saving
  • Let’s take care of water
  • Tree-planting

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