Spaces to grow

Children are our most valuable resource. Your focus as a school district and educators is to prepare them for the future. Our focus is to deliver a building that offers the best 21st Century learning environment.
Construction in an educational setting is a lesson in innovation and problem-solving. Schools construction in Panama require a builder with a special kind of expertise. We pride ourselves on building educational facilities that offer the highest percentage of functional space, in the most cost-effective way—so that you can provide the best possible learning environments for your students.

Schools Construction in Panama & Design Experience

Ripard has a rich history of educational construction projects, including designing and building schools, auditoriums and recreational facilities. Our many partnerships with education establishments allow us to create impressive facilities that are cost-effective, low maintenance and will be enjoyed by your students and community for decades to come.
Preparing students for tomorrow’s world means modernizing today’s educational facilities. Ripard Education Construction Management goes beyond the classroom. Learning environments are enhanced through expanding or remodeling existing facilities aligned with present and future performance expectations. Innovative construction solutions for your project are designed to be top of the class in quality, safety and budget.

Transformation of space

With education, there is a transformation of space. Classrooms, art studios, laboratories, theatres and dining halls are being reimagined and designed to optimize the learning environment.
As one of the Panama’s education builders, Ripard has worked with many private academies.

Making the Grade

With the cost of education outpacing inflation, Ripard has a well-developed process to produce accurate cost estimates and timetables that work within budget and minimize disruption. Today’s learning environments must be cost-effective and sustainable.
From the first quote to the completed project, our experienced education construction team will deliver a facility tailor-made for your learning environment.
If a schools construction in Panama is in your future, give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

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