A solid infrastructure

Not only do we deliver quality stores within shopping centers, but we also deliver the centers and supporting infrastructure themselves. We understand working in a live trading environment can be complex, so we work together with the landowner, developer, client and contractor to make sure business isn’t interrupted and your customers still have a fantastic experience.
We know that our clients are under increased pressure from market competition, channel complexities and pressure on prices which are making it more and more difficult for retailers and shopping malls to drive profitability.

Shopping Mall Construction in Panama

In accordance with our aims and philosophy, we create a truly comprehensive, worry-free solution for our customers. Thanks to over 28 years’ experience and specialist know-how, we can offer functional and unique solutions that meet your specific requirements for shopping mall construction in Panama.
We develop optimal technical solutions for your individual plans and take on any shopping mall construction in Panama tasks, no matter how challenging:
Structural work (steel and reinforced concrete construction, timber construction), façades and entrance areas, lifts, escalators, sewerage work, roofing work and roof sealing, windows, shading and much more.

Construction Management

From pre-construction meetings with engineers and architects to final project wrap-up, our high degree of professionalism is felt throughout construction. Our involvement begins at the earliest planning stages to ensure that the project will meet budgetary expectations. This includes creating anchor budgets from conceptual drawings, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions with fully documented budget revisions, and sequential tendering; all of which contributes to the overall success and quality of every project. Our strong discipline, innovation, integrity, risk management and fiscal responsibility are a major part of Ripard’s ethic system.

New Builds

Our background in new-build construction is evident from day-one, and the peace of mind our experience brings is felt by our clients throughout the project lifecycle. From knowledgeable project management to proactive cost-control measures, obsessive project scheduling to a highly accountable close-out and rigorous quality control every step of the way, Ripard inspires trust for every new-build project.

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